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Get a geothermal heating and cooling system

Already have a water source on your property? Put your spring or well to good use by hooking it up to a geothermal heat pump. You can count on the pros at Callen Commercial Refrigeration to set up a geothermal heating and cooling system on your property in or around Twin Falls, ID.

Join the HVAC trend that's sweeping through Idaho. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary geothermal consultation. We look forward to providing a bid for your project.

Learn the basics of geothermal technology

If you're unfamiliar with geothermal technology, you probably have a lot of questions. Here's what you need to know about geothermal heating and cooling:

  • What equipment is required? - a geothermal heat pump, a heat exchanger and piping system are used along with an economical water source like a spring or shallow well.
  • How does it work? - groundwater that absorbs heat from the earth is pumped into a heat exchanger that warms the circulating air.
  • Why install this kind of system? - this type of heating and cooling system is reliable, environmentally friendly, efficient and cost-effective.

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